Mechurion established in 1995

Freephone: 0330 900 9003
Email: info@mechurion.co.uk
Freephone: 0330 900 9003
Email: info@mechurion.co.uk
Established 1995
Costruzione e riparazione strumenti ad arco
Design, manufacture and repair of acoustic string musical instruments.

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Central Heating
Domestic Central Heating Systems...
If you are  looking to install a new or replacement central heating system, add  radiators to an existing system, or replace your old boiler, consider  using Mechurion, central heating engineeers, who provide heating  and plumbing services within Cardiff, Glamorgan, Rhondda and the Valleys  in South Wales.  

With more than 30 years experience of installing traditional gas, oil-fired and under-floor heating systems, Mechurion will provide you with a quality, high-level service at a cost effective price.

Traditional Hot Water Boilers
Throughout the UK the traditional hot water boiler like the Remeha Avanta Boiler  on the right, is used to provide both hot water and central heating,  and can be gas or oil fired.  These boilers tend to be very efficient  and can have a lifespan of 10 years or more if regularly maintained. If  you would like to extend the life of your central heating boiler,  Mechurion will be pleased to provide you with a quote for annual  maintenance.  
Mechurion will also be pleased to provide you with a competitive quote for the replacement of your old boiler when it has reached the end of its life.  As well as providing you with a 5-year guarantee, they also guarantee to do the job quickly, efficiently and with the minimum of disruption to your household.

Combination Boiler Systems
Combination boiler systems like the Remeha Avanta Combi-Boiler  on the right are about 15% more thermally efficient than traditional  boilers, and are highly recommended as a replacement for your old  boiler. This is achieved by extracting additional heat from the waste  gases and condensing the steam into water and thus recovering its latent  heat.

 This results in less energy being required to heat the  water which can help  to reduce your heating costs, enabling you to  benefit from cheaper bills for many years.  Contact Mechurion for  further details about their range of money-saving condensing boilers.
All new boilers are covered by a 5-year warranty.

Central Heating Radiators
Should  you require additional or replacement radiators, Mechurion can fit a  wide range of single or double panel radiators to meet your needs.  

Call Mechurion on Freephone 0330 900 9003 or click here to complete their enquiry form.
Central Heating
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Tel: 0330 900 9003
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Email: info@mechurion.co.uk

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